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Photograph of Charles Drew with his younger siblings, Joseph, Elsie, and Nora.

Charles Drew at Camp Craft in Salem, NJ, 1920. Drew is standing in the third row, fourth from the left.

The 1920 Dunbar High School football team, including Charles Drew, third from left, back row.

Standing left to right: Douglass, Coach, Sutton, Brown, Ingram, Slaughter (Manager), Drew, V. Bryson (Captain), C. Bryson III

Kneeling: Cloe,…

Charles Drew with the 1920-1921 Dunbar High School Basketball Team. Drew stands back row, far left.

Other players (identified in no particular order): Clyde C. McDuffie, Harry Mickey, Douglass Henry, Clifton Roberts, Frederick French, Howard…

Charles Drew works as a lifeguard at Francis Swimming Pool in Washington, DC. An unidentified female sits behind him.

Charles and Lenore Drew seated indoors with their four children.

Charles Drew, standing, with wife Lenore and two their daughters, seated at piano. The youngest child sits on the piano.

Charles and Lenore Drew outdoors with their children in the late 1940s.

The children, from the left: Bebe, Rhea Sylvia, Charlene, and Charles Jr.

Richard Drew, center, stands with sons Joseph (left) and Charles (right).

The Charles Drew House, at 2505 First Street South in Arlington. Picture from the 1970s.
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