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Man entering or leaving the YMCA.

Left to right: Tara Newton, Machal Hamlin, and Iyona Blake stand in the office of Macedonia Baptist Church.

Women participate in a pageant in the 1950s.Left to right: Front row-- Dorothy Hoffman, unknown, unknown; second row: Flossie Davis, Mary Smith, Martha Davis, Mildred Jones, unknown, unknown, Elizabeth Davis, Alice Brittain Back: Evelyn Hall, Agnes…

Woman with microphone speaks at outdoor event. Man listening at far right has been identified as Fuzzy McPhail.

A woman is standing and singing onstage in front of an audience. She is accompanied by a piano. A large red curtain is in the background. The photograph is torn on the right side.

Portrait of a woman sitting at a piano, holding an orange microphone, singing.

Portrait of a woman in a white dress receiving a trophy from a man at a podium.

Woman dancing at Banneker Recreation Center, taken on March 14, 1953. Written on front: "Jesse - Banneker Rec. 3/14/1953."

A woman at a lectern, in front of a choir on a riser. She has been identified as Day _____.

Willing Workers Club, a Macedonia Baptist Church service club. Left to right: Front row: Miss Johnson, Ruby Taylor, Rev Phillips, Mary Thomas Taylor, Florance Johnson; back row: Viola Johnson and Mabel Johnson
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