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Street scene. Cars line the road. Some houses visible, as well as trees and chain link fences.

Thirty-seven women in dark clothes gather for a group photo in a basement.

Three women seated in metal folding chairs attend what seems to be some sort of meeting. Toni Clark in center.

Dancers on stage beneath a portrait of the Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr., arms outstretched, hands flattened as if to hold something up above them.

Group portrait of Arlington Athletics baseball team. Caption reads: "THIS PICTURE WAS FURNISHED BY BRO. MAJOR DABNEY OF S. 16TH RD. Featuring the ARLINGTON ATHLETICS. This picture is over 50 years old. Call 979-7300 if you have old picture of…

Several individuals seated in metal folding chairs. Group including from left Mr. Miller who taught music at Wakefield High School, Mr. Thompson, Bernida Crawley, Gwynne Brown, Eva Miller, unidentified man, unidentified woman (first row), and Patsy…

The Kemp family stands in doorway, fists raised in Black Power salutes. Far left is Henry Kemp. Second from right is Karen Kemp.

Costumed performers dancing outdoors. Photograph is torn on right side and around edges.

Group portrait, 13 individuals in front of Holmes Building. Woman on far left, back row is Lillian Thompson.

Portrait of a man in glasses, blazer, tie, and ID badge. Sitter has been identified as Mr. Henderson, a member of Lomax African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church.
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