The Nauck/Green Valley Heritage Project is a digital repository for images, memories, and documents related to the history of Arlington's Nauck neighborhood. It began as a cooperative effort by people from Arlington Public Library, Arlington County, the Drew School, and the Nauck Civic Association.

The goal of the project is to make the history of Nauck available to members of the community and to interested researchers, and to provide a place online where people can share their history and memories.

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Recently Added Items

Street Scene


Street scene. Cars line the road. Some houses visible, as well as trees and chain link fences.

Thirty-seven Women


Thirty-seven women in dark clothes gather for a group photo in a basement.

Toni Clark with Women at Meeting


Three women seated in metal folding chairs attend what seems to be some sort of meeting. Toni Clark in center.

Dance Production


Dancers on stage beneath a portrait of the Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr., arms outstretched, hands flattened as if to hold something up above them.

Arlington Athletics


Group portrait of Arlington Athletics baseball team. Caption reads: "THIS PICTURE WAS FURNISHED BY BRO. MAJOR DABNEY OF S. 16TH RD. Featuring the…

Seated Gathering


Several individuals seated in metal folding chairs. Group including from left Mr. Miller who taught music at Wakefield High School, Mr. Thompson,…