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A group portrait at the dedication ceremony for the historical marker outside Macedonia Baptist Church, November 21, 2003. Left to right: Alfred and Delores Taylor, Barbara Grayson, Barbara Favola, Paul Ferguson, Machal Hamlin, Leonard Hamlin,…

At the groundbreaking ceremony for The Macedonian, Pastor Leonard Hamlin speaks with County Board Member Mary Hughes Hynes.

Photo from the groundbreaking ceremony for The Macedonian: Left to right: Reverend Clemmie Griffin, Walter Webdale, Pastor Leonard Hamlin, and unidentified male.

Left to right: Walter Webdale, Portia Clark, Jay Fisette, Barbara Favola, Jamila Shipman, Alfred Taylor, and Pastor Leonard Hamlin

County Board member Barbara Favola at the groundbreaking ceremony for The Macedonian. Favola speaks in front of a row of ceremonial shovels.
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